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Since we deal with taxi business for more than 20 years, wishing to achieve a service of a good quality and to be as much as possible closer to the clients, we have decided to offer our services on Internet to a wide range of potential clients. Your visit to our site confirms that we are on a good way. We thank you for your interest shown for this type of the presentation of taxi services.

In which way we operate?

We engage reliable and verified taxi drivers. We are their devoted partner for many years and this is the reason why we can achieve a lower price for the provided service than the occasional clients. Therefore we can offer you better price in comparison to the prices for the transport without our mediation. We are aware of the fact that such a communication with clients has some weak points because we are not able to meet your requirement in the usual way, it means by radio centre that you call and then the taxi from the nearest taxi station is coming. We do not want to work in such a manner and we do not want either to be competitive with the existing Taxi Association in Zagreb. We are wishing to offer a different and better service.

How we can do this?

Dealing in this business for many years and following the wishes of our clients we could see what were their expectations and needs regarding the taxi services. We know that each client has some specific requirements and that the existing taxi offer in Zagreb is not always able to provide an adequate service; this is for many reasons: payment only in cash and the impossibility to pay in the other way, the drivers do not speak foreign languages, inadequate communication with clients, untrustworthiness and incorrectness, the old and untidy cars, overcharge.

We work better! We can offer more! Why?

Because our cars are tidy, and all our drivers speak English and they have some knowledge of the other languages too. Our drivers are very polite, reliable, punctual. They are always ready to meet the client's wishes You can pay the provided service in cash, with credit cards or on the account.
You have to fulfil only one condition: call us on time.

Which services we offer?

Beside the standard taxi services, it means the drive from one location to the other according to the requirements of the clients we offer also some special services, as follows: we meet the clients on specific time at the Airport, Bus station, Railway station and we drive them to the chosen location in the town. We offer a permanent transport in the town based on a special price, the transport from the hotel on the time agreed to any location, the transport to the other town and the return from it whereas the return will be free of charge if it is planned on the same day. We can also wait your child in front of some of the discotheques in the town (our advice: you can arrange such a transport with the other parents and in such a way the price for the taxi can be cheaper than the price of the tram ticket). We can also drive you from your home to your place of work and back (if there are more passengers in the car, the price per person can be cheaper than the price of tram ticket). We deliver flowers, funeral flowers and other things that can be transported in the car.
Beside all the above mentioned services we can arrange, as circumstances require, the transport by bus or by mini bus to any location needed for any number of passengers and this is also at reasonable prices.
If necessary, we can arrange the transport of the passengers by small aeroplanes on the destinations in Croatia and abroad, and the taxi service upon you arrival to the destination airport in Croatia because we collaborate with taxi drivers in almost every town in Croatia.
Since our future depends exclusively on the pleasure of our clients we are in permanent, direct contact with them In such a way we can meet the requirements of our clients providing them the best service and very reasonable prices. You can choose the terms of payment and you will always know the price of provided service. Also we will always give you the taxi invoice. We guarantee the service of best quality provided by taxi drivers that work for us. Therefore, make use of our services and in this way you can check whether we are better than the others and whether we offer more. For all information please contact us by mail, fax or GSM.